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Welcome, Sanata Dharma!

In the middle of preparation for Anniversary of Department of English, a group [...]

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LRC: Let’s Share!

Ramadhan is getting closer and be prepared for it. SKI Al-Furqon, subdivision in [...]

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EDA 62 – Legato Night

Sasana Budaya, Universitas Negeri Malang was so crowded with bunch of people who [...]

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LSC: The Pleasing Sojourn in May

Legato Study club (LSC) in Mawaddah Warohmah, Malang. May is a [...]

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The Scheme: The Last One!

Maestro English Theater proudly presents a very astonishing drama at the end of [...]

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Poetry competition: Stir the Atmosphere!

“Control Your Soul with Your Thunder”. This sentence was the jargon of poetry [...]

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Speech competition: Be Stunning, Guys!

    The contest that was judged by some lecturers of Department of [...]

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Story Telling Competition: Express Your Stories!

Story telling competition occured on Monday, 18th of April in the second floor [...]

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