Research Group on Literature accommodates faculty members who have interest in researching literature and cultural studies. The strength of the research group lies in the members’ multidisciplinary qualifications which support interdisciplinary research, debates, and dialogues in literature and culture. The research areas of the group range from literature written in English, pop culture, performing arts, cinema, media, translation, to the teaching of literature at various levels of education.

The research group has been active in conducting academic activities, such as seminars, workshops, and informal sharing sessions not only for students but also for wider academic community. The members are also active in numerous professional associations and networks in literary studies, film studies, cultural studies, gender studies, area studies, translation, and education. In addition, the research group has been conducting various community engagement programs partnering with local education institutions to strengthen the teaching of literature at schools and universities.

Research Areas

Literature written in English Children’s literature
Performing arts Cinema
Gender Literary theories
Translation Creative writing
Media Teaching of literature
Asian Studies European Studies
Australian Studies American Studies
British Studies

And other areas related to literature and culture, as well as the intersections between them.