New students, new spirit. Welcoming new students in Department of English Universitas Negeri Malang, Legato held an event named Lativa. Lativa itself is abbreviated from Legato Motivation Training. This annual event was held on Wednesday, September 21 2016. The participant attending the event was around 160 people.

Okay, let’s find out more about it. . . .
The purpose of Lativa is to give motivation for new students in Department of English so they can be brave to dream and always trust themselves. The theme of Lativa this year (“Dream. Believe. Achieve.”) is closely related to the purpose of SKI (Sie Kerohanian Islam) sub division of Department of English Students Association Legato. “It was chosen because it represents the purpose why this event is held annually”, Henny Indira the event director said.
In Lativa this year, there were some special things, the experienced presenters and the light materials. “In some cases, the presenters are boring and long winded to deliver their materials, but in Lativa, presenters tend to show their experiences rather than the theory”, said Zulaikha Ira, one of the excited participants. ”That way, the participants did not feel awkward when they ask questions and receive the materials”, she added. Finally, the impression of this event is that it might lead the participants discover new spirit, make them brave enough to dream, start the future, and organize what should they do next.

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