This group seeks to expand knowledge in the area of linguistics. The group activities have informally been initiated in 2010 marked with the analysis of written discourse of English language textbooks. Currently, the key areas of this group’s research include sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, (interlanguage) pragmatics, bilingualism, and discourse studies. In view of its affinity with English language teaching (ELT) within the postcolonial context of Indonesia in which English is foreign, the current research activities of this group are intimately linked to linguistic data pertinent to educational activities. Within this guise, in its initial step, a priority is given to linguistic data most readily accessible to the physical existence of the principal researchers within the vicinity of Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia. However, comparative undertaking is also sought for through potential collaboration with other researchers at external institutions, both in Indonesia and abroad.

As the research activities are carried out along the fast technological development, digital analytic software is consulted to allow for rigorous methodological implementation and quality research results. Since digital analytic software also allows for analysis of literary data, the group’s research activities may also traverse over the area of stylistics and poetic performance. This insinuates that the data to deal with include literary and non-literary kinds. This also suggests that the data are spoken and written. Yet, since categorization tends to easily fall trap into absolutism at the expense of potential novelty, the categorization is put into perspective and refinement of the categorization is always encouraged and forged.

As the research activities deal with context-bound linguistic data, both data-based and data-driven analyses are possibly equally executed. Therefore, theory verification and generation are possibly carried out as this group’s research activities. Hence, a posteriori and a priori knowledge can be anticipated as the research products of this group.


The group makes every attempt to ensure that the members are updated with new issues in the areas which constitute the focus of the group’s research activities. To this end, members on a regular basis are scheduled to present their research projects. World-class scholars are also invited to participate in the Brownbag Talk.


  • C-SMILE (Corpus of State University of Malang Indonesian Learners’ English) 15.957.517 tokens
  • CINTA (Corpus of Indonesian Texts in Academia) 2.795.952 tokens
  • UM-SpEAKs (Universitas Negeri Malang Spoken English in Academic Kontexts) 61.138 tokens
  • CBLING (Corpus on Bilingual Learners’ Languages) 266.232 tokens

Current Research Projects:

  1. Family Language Policy Project
  2. Developing MOOC of Introduction to Linguistics
  3. Developing Digital Modul of Introduction to Linguistics
  4. Leveraging on Homemade Digital Corpora
  5. Intermodal Relations between Text and Image in Creating Augmentation of Meaning
  6. Multimodal Literacy in Comic Books
  7. Walikan and Linguistic Landscape: The Rise of a Local Youth Language
  8. Space Lexicalization in ELT Students’ Narrative Writing
  9. Indonesian EFL Learners’ Speech Act Specific Motivation and Its Impacts on Learners’ Speech Act Realization


Convener Nurenzia Yannuar Secretary Evynurul Laily Zen

Members Yazid Basthomi Siusana Kweldju Yusnita Febrianti Aulia Apriana Maria Hidayati Suharyadi

Anik Nunuk Wulyani Nanang Zubaidi Ira Maria Fran Lumbanbatu Rahmati Putri Yaniafari Hasti Rahmaningtyas

Associates Current Associate Ida Ayu Shitadevi Lely Tri Wijayanti Nur Annisa Haris Rifqi Nur Adlir Anisatul Istighfaroh Afwa Zakia Andita Eka Wahyuni

Past Associates Cita Nuary Ishak Rika Apriani Rahma Martiningtyas Nuan Ifga Guswenda Ida Ayu Shitadevi Dian Novita Jimmy Chandra Gunawan Arum Puspitasari Moh Umar