A. Foundational Knowledge and Skills

  1. Analyze and evaluate ideas in various types of spoken English texts;
  2. Communicate ideas effectively and appropriately in spoken forms both in formal and informal situations;
  3. Analyze and evaluate ideas in various types of written English texts;
  4. Communicate ideas effectively and appropriately in written forms both in academic and non-­‐academic contexts;
  5. Demonstrate a mastery of theoretical concepts of English language, linguistics and/or literature.

B. Academic and Professional Knowledge and Skills

  1. Locate selectively discipline-­‐specific sources for research purposes in language/linguistic and literary studies;
  2. Create principled and diverse researched and/or original texts in varied genres and formats, using various technologies and/or multimodal formats;
  3. Apply linguistic theories in analyzing language phenomena accurately;
  4. Apply literary theories in literary criticism accurately;
  5. Adapt drama into a performance creatively;
  6. Produce acceptable translation of spoken and/or written texts of various genres from English into Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa.

C. Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate autonomous and continuous learning in order to gain and enhance knowledge of language and literary studies applicable and appliable to professional works, community services, and responsive to global advancement;
  2. Demonstrate attitudes reflecting humanism and tolerant practices;
  3. Demonstrate good morality and behavior;
  4. Realize the principles of work ethics covering discipline, responsibility, self-­‐esteem and self-­confidence, and teamwork;
  5. Show effective communicative competence in social interpersonal as well as academic contexts;
  6. Demonstrate creative-­‐critical thinking and innovation in social and academic lives.
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