Research on Linguistics — Activities

Brown Bag Talk

Group members are encouraged to share their recent research in linguistics or recent achieved linguistic training to others. In June 2015, Nurenzia Yannuar talked about “Descriptive Linguistics” in ESAC Reading Room. The talk presented examples of current linguistics research conducted in Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. The presenter also showed several softwares that are useful for descriptive research. The talk was attended by Effendi Kadarisman, Yazid Basthomi, Evynurul Laily Zen, Maria Hidayati, Nova Ariani, and Hasti Rahmaningtyas. Future brown bag talk is to be scheduled regularly, at least once in two months.

Reading Club

The group makes every attempt to ensure that the members are updated with new issues in the areas which constitute the focus of the group’s research activities. To this end, members on a regular basis are scheduled to share their reading of interesting and up-to-date research reports (be they conceptual or empirically-based) or theoretical advancements on pertinent topics. The venues for each reading club may change as agreed on.

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