Department of English – Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) has longstanding commitment to ensuring quality English Education in Indonesia. Our continued support is a testament for a fundamental role that English teachers play in Indonesia’s sustainable development. Through their expertise in English Language Teaching (ELT), teachers of English equip the students with an essential tool to build their future so that they can contribute to local and global communities. In order to provide quality learning, it is pivotal that teachers of English keep up-to-date with recent developments in ELT, research, and publication. As agents of change, they are challenged to continuously upgrade and refine their pedagogical knowledge and skills as well as disseminate their insights and informed practices. With this in mind, the 8th NELTAL 2016 Conference brings up a central theme on “CURRENT TRENDS AND ISSUES IN THE GLOBAL ELT”.

Drawing on this central theme, the conference will address key issues such as:

  • Cultural barriers in ELT
  • Literature in ELT
  • Pedagogy and curriculum
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Innovative media in ELT
  • Promoting students’ literacy
  • Multimodal learning in ELT
  • Teachers’ professional development


Abstract submission    : bit.do/neltal2016abstract

Submission guidelines : inggris.sastra.um.ac.id/neltal-submission-guidelines/

Registration                  : bit.do/neltal2016registration

Conference webpage   : inggris.sastra.um.ac.id/neltal2016/

Schedule                       : http://inggris.sastra.um.ac.id/neltal-schedule/

E-mail: sastrainggris.fs@um.ac.id

Contact Persons

Nova Ariani +6281249923835

M. Luqman Hakim +6285233338935


  • Abstract Submission Deadline : 30 September 2016 (EXTENDED)
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance : 4 October 2016 (EXTENDED)
  • Registration and Payment Deadline : 10 October 2016
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline : 18 October 2016
  • Conference Date           : 30 October 2016

6 Neltal KEYNOTESPEAKERFor further information of the speakers, visit : inggris.sastra.um.ac.id/neltal-keynote-speakers/


Conference Fee

Presenters IDR 400,000
Participants IDR 300,000

 Payment Procedure

Payment via bank transfer should be made payable to:

Bank Name                  : BRI

Branch                          : Malang Kawi

Bank Account Name   : Suharyadi

Bank Account Number         : 0051-01-039745-53-3

Please send your transfer evidence along with the registration form to: sastrainggris.fs@um.ac.id

with subject email: Transfer Evidence Name(s) of Presenter


  • Register yourself via bit.do/neltal2016registration
  • Send the proof of your transfer payment to sastrainggris.fs@um.ac.id. Make sure your name is written clearly on the proof of transfer.
  • Note: All listed presenters must register and pay separately.



  • Seminar Kit
  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Certificates
  • Conference Proceedings (CD-ROM)

Working language: English

Types of sessions:

  • Paper (20 minutes)

It is an oral summary, with occasional reference to notes or texts that discuss the presenters’ work in relation to theory and/or practice. Handouts and audiovisual aids are recommended.