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The name “Legato” was originated as the acronym of “let the great be the top”, a simple yet meaningful slogan. Legato also means “together” in Italian, which explains why bond is the strong identity of this students association. Hence, the name is more than just merely a name. The name is by all means the soul of the association itself. Legato is a family, a home where everyone grows together and fights as one.


[ATTENTION, PLEASE!] Legato HMJ Sastra Inggris Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) would like to inform that National English Olympiad (NEO) 2019 cannot be held due to some considerations and conditions. Thank you.

Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan: Legato

Himpunan mahasiswa jurusan sastra Inggris memiliki nama yang menjadi kebanggaan mahasiswanya, yakni Legato, yang merupakan kependekan dari ‘Let the Great be the Top.’ Mahasiswa yang berkewajiban dalam kepengurusan merupakan mahasiswa jurusan sastra Inggris dari dua [...]

English Month 16: National English Olympiad 2018

English Month 16: National English Olympiad 2018 Legato proudly bring back its prestigious competition of the year: English Month 16: National English Olympiad 2018 “Outer Space” A. Deskripsi Kegiatan National English Olympiad (NEO) 2018 merupakan Olimpiade [...]


New Books for Reading Room!!

After being kept in catalogue box, at last these new books can join their friends in Reading Room. From these five, three tell fairy tale stories: Cinderella, Goldilocks, and Snow [...]

Course Registration for Fifth and Seventh Semester Students

Blink Magazine 03

Read online Download flipbook (.exe) Read/Download PDF Blink Magazine 03 is here! And guess what... You can READ IT FOR FREE! Download the Digital Version or read it online. Read online: Download flipbook (.exe): [...]


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