UM Department of English Undergraduate Interversity Conferense on English (UM-DE-UNIVERSE 2016)

CALL FOR PAPERS AND PARTICIPATION On UM Department of English Undergraduate Interversity Conferense [...]

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Inisiasi Sastra 2016

What a marvelous performance! Nicely done, lads. :) #InisiasiSastra2016 A photo posted by [...]

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DIPK 2016: Know Deeper About Politic and Self Identity

Friday 23 of September 2016, DPM Fakultas Sastra (the faculty student council) held [...]

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Seminar Budaya “Budaya Tradisi vs Digital” – Photo Gallery

Finding new perspectives on traditional and digital cultures. [...]

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Diklat Jurnalistik “Citizen Journalism di Era Digital”: The Future of Citizen Journalism Starts Here

The future of citizen journalism starts here. Blink Media

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Lativa: Dream, Believe, and Achieve

New students, new spirit. Welcoming new students in Department of English Universitas Negeri [...]

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Citizen Journalism in digital era? Faculty of Letters gives you the chance to [...]

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Legato Berqurban: A Little Step for a Noble Thing

  It was a sunny, bright afternoon when people had finished their jobs, [...]

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Legato Charity Visit: Spread Love, Share Happiness

Legato Charity Visit                New [...]

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East Java Varsities English Debate 2016

A. Description East Java Varsities English Debate 2016 is an academic competition among [...]

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