Being an English teacher is not that easy. It is quite difficult to ask the students to learning a new language that is not used to be used in their daily life. However, instead of force them to follow us in learning English, as a teacher we should try to make them enjoy in learning English.

Most of students think that learning language is a boring activity. That is why they are not interested in learning English. Because of that, the first step is we should make them enjoy the activity in class. We cannot be a really strict teacher, or they will hate you more than the language itself. We should know the characteristic of our students. We try to understand how they learn and how they like to be taught. Being in line with the students can make them comfort to stay in class and enjoy the learning activity.

The second step, try to avoid a punishment. Some of the teacher may think that giving a punishment can motivate students to learn more in order to get better score. However, not all of the students accept it that way. Punishment that teacher gives to the students can vanish their motivation. They will not try to show their progress or even don’t want to try to learn English again. They will be afraid to make any mistake. Instead of punish them, it will be much better to tell them kindly about their mistake. They will easily accept their mistake and try to revise it. On the other hand, if they get a good score or even they have a little progress, you should give them a reward. Reward is not always about gift and something expensive. You can just praise them, give them your proud face, clapping your hand, or tell to the class that your student can do better. These simple things can build their motivation to learn English more.

The third step, make class communicative. Build your good relationship with the students. Do not stop them if they give an opinion or ask something to you. Learning language is about a habit. If they are used to speak English freely in class, their language will be improved and get better. Let them practice their language. The less you talk, the more your students will be talking. Don’t think that noisy in your class is always bad.

The last step, make class fun. You can use everything that your students interested in. you can use social media for your students’ task. You can also invite pop culture like magazine, music, movie, etc to make your class more interesting. Build a game that can make all of the students involve in learning English. By doing these things, your students will not be bored in learning language.