When I first learned English, I was at 1st grade of Elementary School. That time, I was not interested in English because it was complicated and difficult.  Then when I was at 3rd grade of Elementary School, I joined English courses and the teacher was my teacher at school. She didn’t teach me English in detail. She didn’t teach me about grammar or everything included in it. She just taught me how to write and pronounce English. Everyday in the course, she asked me to memorize some sentences in the English module. After that, I should say the sentences without seeing it. Then she asked me to write down the sentences, of course without looking at the sentences. I always did that in the course. I think that method that started my English study because in this activity I wrote, I pronounced, and I remembered words and meanings.

At the 4th grade, I started to love English lesson even though I still did not master it. I always did all English task which was given by the teacher. And when I was at Junior High School, I was thinking that would be great being an English teacher. During my study in Senior High School, my friends said that I was good in English lesson. They always asked for my help in the English class. Now, I am on my way to reach my dream. I study at English Department State University of Malang.[/fusion_text]