IMG_0005Book Title: Research: The Student’s Guide to Writing Research Papers (Fourth Edition)

Author : Richard Veit

Research is a flexible, goal-oriented approach to research-based writing, using two students papers in progress to illustrate the research process step by step.

Unlike comparable books, Research: The Student’s Guide to Writing Research Papers (Fourth Edition), introduces two sample student research papers in the second chapter, giving students a clear idea of their goal as they through each step of the research and writing process. While covering all the basic research conventions, the book places a unique emphasis on the actual purpose behind the conventions, helping students develop research skills useful across the curriculum. This book is equally effective as a classroom text and as a reference tool for student researchers.


  • Greatly expanded Chapter 4 “Tools for Finding Sources,” provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information on computer-related resources, including ways to find sources electronically, to access electronic sources, and to evaluate and document online sources.
  • Coverage of plagiarism has been expanded with more discussion and exercises, emphasizing the significance of this issue in today’s web-based world.
  • Treatment of MLA and APA citation has been updated and expanded to conform to the latest guidelines and provide numerous models for citing electronic sources.
  • Two new student papers illustrate the research process, including one traditional, formal research paper and another less formal, more personal project using primary sources such as interviews.