Book title             : Things Hidden since the Foundation of the World

Author                  : Réne Girard (translated by Stephen Bann and Michael Metteer)


“In this captivating book, Girard presents the most elaborate explication of his stunning thesis on violence and religion. In conversational style he responds to questions by two psychiatrists who explore with him an amazing learning across the fields of anthropology, religion, literature, psychoanalysis, and modern theories of society and culture … Girard’s thesis on mimetic desire and the spiral that leads to conflict, violence, and the eventual restoration of social order by means of sacrifice is known to readers of Violence and the Sacred and The Scapegoat. What the present work adds is a remarkable disclosure of the way in which Girard comes to his thesis, reflects upon its significance, and shares his views on the twentieth century.” – Religious Studies Review


This book is available in ESAC.